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Do you have a website? If so, you can make money by promoting SoccerCapper's service. Read on to learn how to join our affiliate program and earn a commission on every customer you refer to us!

Becoming an Affiliate is Fast, Free and Easy

  • Our affiliates earn a 51% commission for every sale. That's up to $452 for each sale you make!
  • You can become an affiliate no matter where in the world you live.
  • We use ClickBank to manage our Affiliate Program. ClickBank is a trusted third party for affiliate program management.
  • Your commission cheques will be sent to you directly by ClickBank for the sales you make.

If you are ready to be our Affiliate, follow the 3 steps below!

Step 1 - If you don't have a ClickBank ID/Nickname yet click here to sign up. It's free for Affiliates. The page will open in a new window so that it will be easy for you to come back to this page to finish. Fill out all the boxes in ClickBank's sign up form. It's important that you write down your Nickname and Password. You will need it again and again to login and to check your commission stats. Read the ClickBank Client Contract.

Step 2 - Now that you have a ClickBank nickname, replace the word NICKNAME in the following URL with your own ClickBank Nickname to get your own referral link. Make sure that you don't change anything else in the URL.

Step 3 - Email us the following information:

1. Your Name
2. Your ClickBank Nickname
3. Your Website URL

You are now ready to promote SoccerCapper on your website and email newsletters using your unique affiliate URL.

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