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Euro 2008 Qualifying Bet Picks

Picking a wager on the Euro 2008 qualifying matches can be tricky. Here is a betting preview to help you turn a profit from your Euro 2008 qualifier bets.

With no constructive criticism, improvement is nearly impossible. Armed with this fine philosophy and an in depth facts of the beautiful game, I have opted to share a couple of potentially useful observations with the great minds of the English Football Association.

Steve McClaren is a fool. Macca was a lousy manager at club level, he’s so far out of his depth on the international stage that it’s a wonder he’s not suffering from the bends.

His original choice to drop Beckham was flawed at best, but when presented the ‘get out of jail free’ card that was the injuries to Hargreaves and Lennon, he preferred to exploit the ‘skills’ of Jenas, Downing and Richardson. You simply can’t bet on this England team at odds of 1.10 against a sound Macedonian outfit; although I wouldn’t put off anyone from perming a 1-0 / 2-0 / 3-0 win at a much healthier 2.40 odds.

I’m not a great devotee of Peter Crouch as a rule, but thanks to a process of elimination I’ve reached the outrageous conclusion that he’s England’s most likely goal scorer. Rooney is belligerent, Gerrard’s wasted on the wing, Downing’s a thousand miles from international class and Lampard would need 29 efforts to score on an 18-30 (stone) holiday. I pick Crouch at 2.00 to keep up his incredible recent record.

If the England team were chosen on current form, Wayne Rooney wouldn’t get a look in; he’s presently giving the ball away like a ginger schoolboy. Wayne hasn’t scored a competitive goal for England for over two years, my preliminary shock at seeing 1.62 bet odds for a Rooney goal soon faded as the awareness dawned that he’ll be available at 2.20 not to score. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Most people know ELO as the dreadful 1970’s progressive rock outfit, but the ELO ratings are a tool for judging the strengths of international Euro 2008 football teams. While FIFA have Scotland as the 34th strongest team in world football, ELO show a more realistic 40th place. Bizarrely, both differ dramatically from my own personal rating system, where the Sweaties are sandwiched between the Amazonian Forest and Krakatoa in 594th spot.

France have the luxury of a game against Scotland at Hampden; or ‘Le Bye’ as it’s identified in Paris. Value is normally harder to find than a Scotsman at a World Cup but the French are the exact definition at 1.70.

Call me crazy, but before buying lamb from a butcher I always enquire from where the meat originated; you can’t be too cautious. Wales host Slovakia in their qualifier and an away win is certainly on the cards. The Slovaks have seen off Germany and France over the last year; you should bet on them at 3.00 odds.

How on earth did the saying ‘the luck of the Irish’ originate? An 80 year war for independence must have been harsh, running out of potatoes is always irritating and if conclusive proof was needed that luck is not on their side; they landed in the same Euro 2008 qualifying group as Germany and the Czech Republic. The Irish have been decimated by injuries for their journey to Cyprus, the draw is a worthwhile pick at 4.20.

Northern Ireland’s recent win over Spain was maybe the most improbable result since Goliath took a dive against David after laying himself heavily on the exchanges. There are many sayings that could adequately describe the 1.29 on offer for a Danish team (who have recently destroyed Poland, Portugal and England) playing at home to Lawrie Sanchez’s minnows; I’ve opted for ‘the best bet in the history of gambling’.

The Italians have stubbornly refused to win in their operation so far, somehow knowing they were the last leg of my accumulator. Italy shattered Ukraine in a World Cup quarter final in the summer, a repeat betting on them at 1.50 in the Euro 2008 qualifiers should not be ruled out.

Ever since I saw Prisoner Cell Block H as a child, I’ve felt a strong affinity with the Aussies. Bea Smith’s fight against drugs within the prison system was as encouraging as it was dramatic. Australia face Paraguay in a friendly game live on Eurosport, I pick the Aussies at a criminally large 2.10 odds.

There’s always something happening in the Holland camp. An injury to Huntelaar forced the Dutch coach to offer Van Nistelrooy a return to the International stable, but the Ruud boy told Van Basten where to stick his olive branch, and it wasn’t in a local dike. Holland have the superiority to stroll to a win in Bulgaria, the 1.80 should be snapped up.

The accumulator of the week:

This week’s accumulator is so charming; Paul McCartney is considering reuniting with Heather Mills as a direct result. “I may go out on a limb and ask her to come back,” a loved up McCartney may have pondered. Slovakia, France, Holland, Denmark and Italy are the picks, the payout is a generous 17.00 odds.

Euro 2008 Qualifier Betting Odds and Picks:

Wales v Slovakia - Saturday 7th October

Wales			2.50
Draw			3.20
Slovakia		3.00

Pick: Slovakia
Suggested bet: No bet	

England v Macedonia - Saturday 7th October

England		1.10
Draw			9.00
Macedonia		34.00

Pick: England
Suggested bet: England to win 1-0, 2-0,  or 3-0

Scotland v France - Saturday 7th October

Scotland		5.50
Draw			3.50
France			1.70

Pick: France
Suggested bet: France to win the match

Cyprus v Rep of Ireland - Saturday 7th October

Cyprus		7.50
Draw			4.20
Rep of Ireland	1.50

Pick: Draw
Suggested bet: Lay Ireland at 1.50 odds

Bulgaria v Holland - Saturday 7th October

Bulgaria		5.00
Draw			3.40
Holland		1.80

Pick: Holland
Suggested bet: No bet

Denmark v Northern Ireland - Saturday 7th October

Denmark		1.29
Draw			5.00
Northern Ireland	17.00

Pick: Denmark
Suggested bet: Denmark to win the game	

Italy v Ukraine - Saturday 7th October

Italy			1.50
Draw			3.80
Ukraine		7.50

Pick: Italy
Suggested bet: No bet

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